August 1, 2016

Call Center



TelQCC or TelQ Contact Center is the new standard in Call/Contact Center Software, which can be cloud based or installed at your premises. We offer call center setup, calling, local/toll-free numbers in over 66 countries around the world such as USA, UK, South Africa, Australia & more.

We also offer SIP TRUNK services to 66+ countries around the world!

Not all cloud platforms are created equal. Behind the strict service level  is a dynamic call routing engine which uses real-time quality metrics to traverse IP networks and 3200 carriers connected in local data centers distributed across 7 regions on 5 continents.

If you intend to setup a call/contact center, then you can choose one of the following two configurations:

Cloud Call Center – Call center software hosted in the cloud on our servers with all infrastructure such as Internet connectivity, Voice connectivity etc provided by us. You pay per agent/per month price + call charges. It is that simple. Let us see how it ranks:

  • Hassle free – As you have to worry about nothing such as servers, PRI lines, internet leased lines etc.
  • Maintenance Free – Think about servers, leased lines, PRI lines going down and their regular maintenance
  • Scalabillity – With  in-house setup you have limited resources
  • Monthly Charges – You have to pay per agent/per month charges

On-premise Call Center – In this setup everything is hosted at your premises and you have better control of everything, provided you have support staff and resources. You do not have to pay any recurring charges.

  • Lot of hassles – As you have to worry about servers, PRI lines, internet leased lines etc.
  • Scalabillity – With  in-house setup you have limited resources
  • No Monthly Charges – You pay one time cost for the software and setup and that is it!

Features of TelQ Contact Center : 

Here is a feature list of TelQCC

  • Web Administration
  • Built-in IVR, Voice Mail, IP PBX & more!!!
  • Audio Conferencing
  • Video Calling between SIP Extensions
  • Chat support via XMPP
  • Do-Not-Call List Support
  • Support for breaks generation and configuration
  • Support for integration of external application (CRM, forms) during campaigns
  • Support for forms design
  • Support for generation of scripts by campaign and by queues
  • Storage of attention script
  • Support for retries in outgoing campaigns
  • Support for reports exporting to spreadsheets, PDF, and CSV
  • Web-based agent console
  • Support for call transfer from console
  • Ability to place a call on hold
  • Support for incoming and outgoing campaigns
  • Support for call schedule in outgoing campaigns
  • Support for call schedule assigned to the same agent
  • Support for call back login
  • Execution of multiple simultaneous campaigns
  • Monitoring of agent assigned to a call
  • Support for call recording by queues
  • Predictive dialing
  • Support for configuration of short call threshold
  • Maximum wait configuration of a dialed call
  • Support for activation/deactivation of prediction
  • Automatic calling from a list of numbers
  • Asynchronous events assignment


  • Breaks/rests reports
  • Call’s detail
  • Calls per hour
  • Calls per agent
  • Wait time
  • Login Logout
  • Incoming successful calls
  • Calls per hour graph
  • Agent’s information
  • Trunks used per hour
  • Real Time – Agents monitoring
  • Real Time – Incoming calls monitoring
  • Real Time – Campaign monitoring
  • Real Time – Operator Panel

How does TelQCC works?

Want to see how a cloud call center works. Check out our web demo as below:

TelQCC admin login:
username: <please fill the form on your right side for a username>
password: <please fill the form on your right side for a password>


TelQCC Main Dashboard

Plethora of features



TelQCC Operator Panel

Live View of Extensions, Call Incoming, Outgoing, Trunks used & more!


TelQCC Agent login

We offer both Static & Call Back agents